Question:  Why is the 2020 Census important for people with ID/DD?

Answer:  Many funding decisions involving services and programs for people with ID/DD are based on the results of the 2020 Census.  This includes federal, state, and local funding.  Census data is also used by companies and others who are planning expansions, locations and a workforce.


Question: Can I help someone else with the 2020 form if they need assistance?

Answer: Yes, if the person registering needs assistance you may assist that person.  It is important that EVERYONE in Wisconsin registers.


Question:  I do not have an 2020 Census ID logon number or I have misplaced it.  What to do?

Answer:  Even if you lost it or never received one, no ID is necessary to register for the Census.  You can go online/Google 2020 for an online form and/or, a way to print a paper form.

If there are questions or no computer/internet access these are the 2020 Census helplines.  In addition to English and Spanish, there are phone lines available in a number of other languages via phone and/or paper forms.