David Lennox, PhD will be the keynote speaker at our 2015 conference. Dr. Lennox is sponsored by MCFI. He received his Ph.D. from Western Michigan University specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis and he is the founder and President of QBS, Inc. Dr. Lennox has developed, directed, and consulted in organizations and programs treating children, adults, and geriatrics in a variety of settings including schools, community and group homes, long-term care, academic research programs, day treatment programs, and hospitals. He has conducted hundreds of presentations, published numerous articles, and has appeared on the PBS series entitled “Abnormal Psychology.” In addition, he teaches Organizational Behavior Management at Simmons College, has served on governmental committees for clinical change, and is active in numerous professional and healthcare organizations and associations.

Dr. Lennox will address physical restraint for dangerous behaviors: The use of physical restraint is often considered a necessary intervention for very dangerous behaviors. Even so, the use of restraint should be avoided as often as possible and, unfortunately is sometimes used when unnecessary. Recent federal various federal and state legislatures and agencies have increased efforts at reducing restraint use. Many educational and professional associations have established position papers to ensure that physical restraint is used only when necessary, used by trained professionals, and thoroughly analyzed to reduce or prevent its use. This presentation will first review key points of these efforts and critical positions on the use of restraint. Second, an array of motivational conditions that influence the use of physical interventions by staff and organizations will be discussed. Finally, a number of individual, program and organizational recommendations toward reducing the use of physical restraint will be provided.